Pages Turn

I know our book smells the same so your worried you already know it, but you know the wonders of a book go beyond its smell, beyond its feel, beyond the number of its pages; each time you read it you understand more and gain a new appreciation for it. It’s up to you whether we turn the page of our book to get to the next chapter or drop the book before it’s finished because the summary of another caught your eye. I know you can’t see the ending of our book right now and reading a sad story breaks your heart, but I can promise you if you turn the page you’ll see the wonderful world you always believed was there. That you didn’t read this far in to be disappointed. I’ve read our book before a long time ago in my dream when I choose you to be the muse of my soul over another. Yes there are different stories we can read and write, each invoking hidden, lost or forgotten feelings, but I know you know the feeling of finishing a great book you believed in no matter how people criticized it and made you feel. To find you weren’t wrong or disappointed, so I ask you with all that I am, with all that we’ve shared and have yet to experience to turn this next page with me & you’ll see you really are reading a beautiful book, and not a tragedy. Even the main characters always have room to grow in a good book so will you grow with me as our pages turn.
(A vow to my heart a drift at sea may the waves carry my message to you and guide you home)


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