Colors Regained

I’m not giving up each morning I burn a blaze for her and each night I must stifle those flames, so as not to be consumed by my own fiery heart. I only wish I could see her smile and know she is well. I worry every day she is away, I know we must scrape our knees and truly learn what it means to bleed. However we need not go through this pain alone. We need not suffer this sustained longing for home expecting things to change with no water to grow. For excepting a helping hand does not make us weak. A heart, its beat the love we shared was more than just a little neat. This battle fought to suffer alone for the sake of growth is a battle lost as time we could share slips away. For if we seek to suffer we shall pay its cost never knowing what we’ve truly lost. Her time with me and mine with her was no mistake. We loved, we fought, we grew, we lost but through and through our love proved true. But blending with those of discontent left our vibrant pictures grey and bland. Laughter replaced now by tears and love now falling on deafened ears. As words left unsaid tear at our hearts a chance is given for a brand new start. Color regained and through solace reformed we can lift up our love and start it a new or let lie what we try to convince our hearts to deny. For fear to misunderstand words which have yet to be said. Shall we run, shall we hide, or maybe we shall finally fly. Hands out stretched reaching for that which we know for truth. Stopped and blocked by those who drew near claiming to understand the stories of two souls set ablaze by desires unleashed. A part of me, a part of her, we have the key we have the lock all that’s left is to turn the key and start the clock,  to unlock what was once thought lost, but forever sought.


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