Soaring Hearts

Even though you may lose sight of what our hearts once held dear

Even then I will Still hold you near

A Mistake A Choice A Loss of Voice

Misunderstood must mean up to no good

Her Fury His Love His Passion Her Pain

Her desire for his will to change

Love lost but not forgot

What once bloomed can bloom forever more

This love This life forever changed

They stand Alone Apart Afraid

One let go and One held on

A bond though severed still holds strong

Perhaps they’ll see where things went wrong

To stand To fall Too great Too small

Who are we to not love them all

For I am you and you are me

Together we’re a beautifully weird harmony

This dance this song we feel inside

Perhaps one day we’ll realize

Two stars though crossed can synchronize

To Soar across the open skys


One thought on “Soaring Hearts”

  1. this has a very silent yet strong message, I believe many other couples out there may have felt the same at one time or another. keep writing


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