Grains of Sand

While wandering the sand sea little did I know I was going to discover a lost archive that would put any library to shame. The stories our pictures told as I unearthed them from the desert. This library of life & love began to bury me under oceans of sand. I began to struggle for air as I realize there was no swimming through this forbidden sea. The waves of emotion brought on threatened to take me under, was I to drown in this sea of regret brought on by this clear testimony of our, now questioned, love? Will I be buried along with the many treasures these forbidden sands had taken from us long ago? To be just another lost and forgotten story without ever having the chance to share the wonders discovered beneath this once thought barren desert? No I will unearth this kingdom we thought lost and build an empire for us live in. This will be our private oasis and I wish to share its wonders with you even if we are the only ones who get to enjoy its plunders. We will create memories for every grain of sand this desert has so that never again can these forbidden sands take from us. For now the desert and all its secrets will tell the story of a love once lost but now forever found.



3 thoughts on “Grains of Sand”

  1. Good, bad, sad, happy, joyous, painful, etc. Because to truly live a happy and full life we need to remember nothing in our life has a static emotion life and everything in it will lead us through a spectrum of emotions through out the memories we make. Its about how we perceive these things and how they allow us to grow that matters. So those memories will be of all sorts but the most memories will be pure love.


  2. As I read this one, it brings memories of myself looking through my family photo album and think does he feel these words, because I know my heart still tears when I see all that we had & what he chose to give up on. Yes, this one reaches me.

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