Infinity is too small 

H: Husband     W: Wife

H:*Stares into the eyes of his love. A smile slowly creeping up the corner of his lips as the thoughts of just how perfect she was filled his mind.*

W: *blushes* Whaaaaaaat?!?!

H: Just trying to figure out how to describe how much I love you.

W: *blushes again* How about this much? * Streches her arms to either side of her using the distance between her hands to represent how much he may love her.*

H: *Smiles warmly* Well while that is a lot dear it’s not nearly enough to represent how much I love you.

W: What about to infinity? * Smiles brightly back.*

H: Inifinity is still too small to describe how much I love you.

W: Well how can infinity be too small it’s infinite?

H: Well I already love you beyond the end of time and time is infinite.

H: So if my love for you is already infinite and I grow to love you more each day doesn’t that mean infinity is too small to describe my love for you?

H: So again I say infinity is too small describe how much I love you.

W: So if infinity is too small how will I know how much you love me?

H: Well there’s a problem dear words can’t describe how much I love you.

W: Than how will I know? *crosses arms and pouts* Hmph!!

H: Just look into my eyes and you’ll see an eternity that goes beyond the skies.  Kiss me deeply and taste the never ending reservoir that’s is my love. Step closer and be engulfed in my ever warming embrace. Speak to me and watch me dance to the most beautiful song this world has ever known. Smile and watch the fireworks of my heart light the night sky. Lean your head against my chest and hear the beat of a thousand worlds all praising your name. Watch every second pass by so slowly it’s almost as if time has stopped just for the two of us to gaze upon the other. Watch time lose all meaning and numbers all value as I hold you in my arms tonight.

W: *Tear falls down her cheeks accompanied by a huge smile* Jerk!!!! *Slugs his shoulder*

H: *Smiles, pulls her close. Hugs her and whispers in her ear.* So see love words can’t express my love for you, but I will spend all of eternity, beyond forever and in more than infinite ways to show each day how much I love you.

W: *Hugs him tightly and giggles.* I guess infinity is too small.


4 thoughts on “Infinity is too small ”

    1. Thank you. Really appreciate the compliment, these short stories are still tough getting used to. Once my skills improve I do want to go back and either make second parts to these, if not full blown mini chapters.

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