Ocean Bound

Hope is a word I nearly forgot the meaning of, as I sank deeper into the depths of a sea I once called home. My lungs stripped of the ability to breathe in this sea I love, leaving me to drown, in this place I could not escape from nor did I wish too. With only sheer will some how managing to keep me conscious as feeling faded from my body. Sound and sight growing ever dim. Just as the last wisp of my strength began to fade the ocean, or maybe the world, decided to bless me with one more breathe.  A single bubble floating from the depths of the sea in which I slowly sank floated up to me. As the bubble floated to me for the first time I allowed myself to sink in hopes I reached this bubble that might not even be air before it was too late. As I sank further into the abyss slowly getting closer and closer to the bubble I wondered if I or it would pop before I reached it. This fragile bubble floating towards the surface in this great expanse of an ocean. When at last the moment of truth arrived, just as I was moments away from the bubble, I released the last bit of air in my lungs which there was barely enough of to even call a release. It was more likely my soul would leave me before the last of the air did. I leaned forward into the oncoming bubble knowing this was the moment that would decide if I sank or swam. Upon making contact I took a deep breathe in, and to my dismay I found the bubble contained liquid not even a gas. Was this it? Was this how I went? Without the ability to even let out a whimper. As the liquid filled my lungs a mixture of sweet relief that my struggle was over and silent terror as I realized that there was no undoing what I did and all those chances, maybes and might have been meant nothing now if I was not around to take them. As the cold set in my body felt like it was freezing all the way to its core.  This was it I thought. Regret had started filling my mind when suddenly it stopped. I opened my eyes, and I blinked. I was still alive, but I wasn’t breathing. Before I could even find myself pondering the question, “How can this be?” I found I myself swimming towards the depths. Toward the origin of the bubble. I knew I was far too deep to attempt to swim to the surface of this sea. I still didn’t wish to leave. My only chance lied deep within the recesses of this ocean. Far deeper than I, or the ocean itself was even aware it went. Perhaps even to its origins. If there was even a chance that I could call this place home again I would do what ever it takes. So before this spell breaks, and my end comes to greet me, I will continue to struggle in hopes that I reach this perhaps fictional place in the sea where I can still live and breathe in this place I once called home.


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