Set Sail

You were the wind in my back and I the sail to your ship. Together there was no place we couldn’t reach. With the open sea before us we set out to find a new land we could call our home. But these turbulent waters called life left us ship wrecked. With me torn down the middle and you beached without a sail. So you sought your own freedom and you left me abandon there. You found yourself and oar and paddle back out to sea. I waited there for you to return only to find you traded your paddle for a quaint little motor. I Watched you sputter along trying to live like we did with the wind in our sail. To most you appeared to be chugging along, but to me you seemed to be standing still. So I fashioned myself anew making one sail two grander than before, but still nothing with out you my ship to sail. So here I sit planted on the shore hearing you sputter around and around. Hoping one day you open your eyes and set sail once more with me and let our sails fly true and free upon the open sea.

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