About Me

My name is David and I lost sight of my creative side along time ago as I let the grind of life strangle it out of me. However recent events have caused it to come bursting forth from me again so I created this space to let it out and hear and see feed back from others.  I don’t plan to allow my creative side to be stifled again so I want it to grow and flourish and use this space as a means to do so. I will be posting both new and old pieces I have created. I will edit my pieces as I grow, but will try to keep them for most part as is once posted. My apologies if I missed a grammatical correction or two in my pieces if you bring it up to me I’ll fix it.

P.S. I do realize the websites name comes off rather robust for its content. I came up with the name on a whim as a place holder while I pondered its replacement. However as time went by I fell in love with the name and imagined a great imagine to go along with the title so though my content may not quite measure up to it, I will do my best to eventually provide content of equivalent quality. Also any picture which do not appear in “worth 1000 words” are not by my design simply an image pulled from google search I felt was close match to what the message was in my pieces.