Set Sail

You were the wind in my back and I the sail to your ship. Together there was no place we couldn’t reach. With the open sea before us we set out to find a new land we could call our home. But these turbulent waters called life left us ship wrecked. With me torn down the middle and you beached without a sail. So you sought your own freedom and you left me abandon there. You found yourself and oar and paddle back out to sea. I waited there for you to return only to find you traded your paddle for a quaint little motor. I Watched you sputter along trying to live like we did with the wind in our sail. To most you appeared to be chugging along, but to me you seemed to be standing still. So I fashioned myself anew making one sail two grander than before, but still nothing with out you my ship to sail. So here I sit planted on the shore hearing you sputter around and around. Hoping one day you open your eyes and set sail once more with me and let our sails fly true and free upon the open sea.

Private Library – Secret Sanctum

I know you’re carrying a lot inside

I can see it in your eyes

The way tears almost form as I gaze through two windows

Into the very core of you

I see the stories your lips are too afraid to admit to speak

Though I can only see the summary of the books the library of you contains

Some days I wish you would grant me the access to the secret nook

Where you keep all the best and worst books

So that I may tenderly go over each page of every book

To be one step closer to understanding the author that resides within your chest

Bottled Love – Love Spurts



Another of my pieces brought to life thanks to the efforts of Holy Reid. I’m Very Happy to have found an artist that I match up well with. She continues to be a huge help in bringing my creations to life for all of you to see. Per usual I will leave a link to her page down at the bottom.

Ocean Bound

Hope is a word I nearly forgot the meaning of, as I sank deeper into the depths of a sea I once called home. My lungs stripped of the ability to breathe in this sea I love, leaving me to drown, in this place I could not escape from nor did I wish too. With only sheer will some how managing to keep me conscious as feeling faded from my body. Sound and sight growing ever dim. Just as the last wisp of my strength began to fade the ocean, or maybe the world, decided to bless me with one more breathe.  A single bubble floating from the depths of the sea in which I slowly sank floated up to me. As the bubble floated to me for the first time I allowed myself to sink in hopes I reached this bubble that might not even be air before it was too late. As I sank further into the abyss slowly getting closer and closer to the bubble I wondered if I or it would pop before I reached it. This fragile bubble floating towards the surface in this great expanse of an ocean. When at last the moment of truth arrived, just as I was moments away from the bubble, I released the last bit of air in my lungs which there was barely enough of to even call a release. It was more likely my soul would leave me before the last of the air did. I leaned forward into the oncoming bubble knowing this was the moment that would decide if I sank or swam. Upon making contact I took a deep breathe in, and to my dismay I found the bubble contained liquid not even a gas. Was this it? Was this how I went? Without the ability to even let out a whimper. As the liquid filled my lungs a mixture of sweet relief that my struggle was over and silent terror as I realized that there was no undoing what I did and all those chances, maybes and might have been meant nothing now if I was not around to take them. As the cold set in my body felt like it was freezing all the way to its core.  This was it I thought. Regret had started filling my mind when suddenly it stopped. I opened my eyes, and I blinked. I was still alive, but I wasn’t breathing. Before I could even find myself pondering the question, “How can this be?” I found I myself swimming towards the depths. Toward the origin of the bubble. I knew I was far too deep to attempt to swim to the surface of this sea. I still didn’t wish to leave. My only chance lied deep within the recesses of this ocean. Far deeper than I, or the ocean itself was even aware it went. Perhaps even to its origins. If there was even a chance that I could call this place home again I would do what ever it takes. So before this spell breaks, and my end comes to greet me, I will continue to struggle in hopes that I reach this perhaps fictional place in the sea where I can still live and breathe in this place I once called home.

Lonely Light

Each day you’re away my soul shatters a little more as I try to keep my heart at Bay. Each time I must reach deep within to feel a little less alone again. To remind myself it’s not the end. But the deeper I go the more I find my soul entwined with a love so rich it feels divine. With love like this you’ll never crave again. But to have such wealth to share yet alone I am contrary to my plan. It hurts to know you won’t take a stand beside the one you called your man. Yet here I toil away to face you the one I call my love one day. Till than I shall forever stand waiting for three words from you to set me free and set ablaze our life again perhaps you know them as well as I. These three words from you will let us fly. 

Phone Call

P1: = Partner 1  P2: = Partner 2

P2: *Click* *muffled sound*

P1: Hello? It’s me.

P2: *Silence*

P1: I just called today to say I love you.

P2: *Silence*

P1: I know you may not still feel the same way, but still I love you all the same. I know no matter what I do I may never get you to look at me like you used too. Not to say I wish for things to go back to being the same way. No, I want more I want to expose and explore new unknown depths of the soul to go deeper in depth to the beauty that lies inside. To entwine our souls so intricately we nearly lose sight of where you begin and I end, but not so much that we lose track of who we are within.

P1: I want to fall in love with you all over again and again. Each day to grow and explore new sides of ourselves finding out not just who we are, but who we can become as we walk down a path of love so bold and strong none can tell us we’re wrong. I want to look in your eyes and bring tears to them as you feel the warmth of my blazing heart envelope your soul in a flame so warm never again will you know what it means to cold. If I may be so bold to put it simply I want to love you till our days of grey and old.

P2: *Silence*

P1: I know you ask yourself why do I only say all this now that you’ve gone away. It’s not that I’m saying this because you’ve gone away, I’ve been saying these things all along the way. I was just using different words and different actions and had yet come to fully understand my own heart. But just like I promised you on that day I would learn to redirect my energy in a new way and so back to life I sprung. It took time and pain to reawaken something I thought was lost this language of the heart and the words I’ve sought have finally come hand in hand so at last my love won’t be lost in translation for I can speak now in words you can understand. I love you with all that I am and all that I will become. I wish to not just stand as a man before you but stand up as a man who you feel is worth being a part of your plan. 

P2: *Silence*

P1: It’s not like I miss you only on certain days. I count every second that your away. Hoping someday I can stop counting and share with you all the things I’ve had planned for two. Each morning I rise your absence brings tears to my eyes. It’s like I’m half paralyzed until I get to gaze upon you and profess these things you thought were beyond you. I love you more than the first breathe of air I take each morning because without you here no amount of air can cure this suffocation of the heart. So please breathe life back into these lungs of mine so once again we can show this world something more real than a tale as old as time.


P1: Please say something! You’ve got my heart held in your hand. What is it that’s your plan? You’re my sunshine yet my kryptonite tell me will I live or die tonight. Tell me I’m not crazy for loving someone I can’t even see, someone I may never get to hold again. Tell me you haven’t let go and I’m not plummeting to the ground faster than the speed of sound all while thinking we can still fly again. Let me hear the truth from you and you the truth from me. I’m so tired of playing telephone especially when your the only one I want to hear calling my phone. If you can hear all I’ve got to say and see all I’ve done for you and look me in my eyes and not tell me any lies at last I’ll know if it’s truly our demise. So please if you’re going to hold my heart or crush it at least let me know it.

P2: At the tone please record your message when you are finished recording you may hang up or press 1 for more options. *Beeeeeeeep*

P1: *Smiles & tears begin to stream down his cheek*

P1:  I love you. 

P1: *Beep*


People say actions speak louder than words. You say my words spoke volumes, but my actions spoke chapters at most. It pains me to know you didn’t understand the volumes I was speaking to you in the chapters I wrote. So I’ll Show you every action under the sun, moon & stars to show I am the one you believed in. So here I dance and sing for a world that knows not me to a play of love and tragedy. In hopes my words now acted out will show the world just what my heart is shouting out. Hoping one day my play’s review reaches you and you’ll come watch me profess my love for you. To be enchanted anew so the true stars of my play will shine forever more, it’s true stars which are me and you. Though once crossed we now collide to form a bond held forever strong. To star in the roles we were born to play, for the world to see a truly heartfelt play that tells the tale of you and I and a love so real it out last time.