Phone Call

P1: = Partner 1  P2: = Partner 2

P2: *Click* *muffled sound*

P1: Hello? It’s me.

P2: *Silence*

P1: I just called today to say I love you.

P2: *Silence*

P1: I know you may not still feel the same way, but still I love you all the same. I know no matter what I do I may never get you to look at me like you used too. Not to say I wish for things to go back to being the same way. No, I want more I want to expose and explore new unknown depths of the soul to go deeper in depth to the beauty that lies inside. To entwine our souls so intricately we nearly lose sight of where you begin and I end, but not so much that we lose track of who we are within.

P1: I want to fall in love with you all over again and again. Each day to grow and explore new sides of ourselves finding out not just who we are, but who we can become as we walk down a path of love so bold and strong none can tell us we’re wrong. I want to look in your eyes and bring tears to them as you feel the warmth of my blazing heart envelope your soul in a flame so warm never again will you know what it means to cold. If I may be so bold to put it simply I want to love you till our days of grey and old.

P2: *Silence*

P1: I know you ask yourself why do I only say all this now that you’ve gone away. It’s not that I’m saying this because you’ve gone away, I’ve been saying these things all along the way. I was just using different words and different actions and had yet come to fully understand my own heart. But just like I promised you on that day I would learn to redirect my energy in a new way and so back to life I sprung. It took time and pain to reawaken something I thought was lost this language of the heart and the words I’ve sought have finally come hand in hand so at last my love won’t be lost in translation for I can speak now in words you can understand. I love you with all that I am and all that I will become. I wish to not just stand as a man before you but stand up as a man who you feel is worth being a part of your plan. 

P2: *Silence*

P1: It’s not like I miss you only on certain days. I count every second that your away. Hoping someday I can stop counting and share with you all the things I’ve had planned for two. Each morning I rise your absence brings tears to my eyes. It’s like I’m half paralyzed until I get to gaze upon you and profess these things you thought were beyond you. I love you more than the first breathe of air I take each morning because without you here no amount of air can cure this suffocation of the heart. So please breathe life back into these lungs of mine so once again we can show this world something more real than a tale as old as time.


P1: Please say something! You’ve got my heart held in your hand. What is it that’s your plan? You’re my sunshine yet my kryptonite tell me will I live or die tonight. Tell me I’m not crazy for loving someone I can’t even see, someone I may never get to hold again. Tell me you haven’t let go and I’m not plummeting to the ground faster than the speed of sound all while thinking we can still fly again. Let me hear the truth from you and you the truth from me. I’m so tired of playing telephone especially when your the only one I want to hear calling my phone. If you can hear all I’ve got to say and see all I’ve done for you and look me in my eyes and not tell me any lies at last I’ll know if it’s truly our demise. So please if you’re going to hold my heart or crush it at least let me know it.

P2: At the tone please record your message when you are finished recording you may hang up or press 1 for more options. *Beeeeeeeep*

P1: *Smiles & tears begin to stream down his cheek*

P1:  I love you. 

P1: *Beep*



People say actions speak louder than words. You say my words spoke volumes, but my actions spoke chapters at most. It pains me to know you didn’t understand the volumes I was speaking to you in the chapters I wrote. So I’ll Show you every action under the sun, moon & stars to show I am the one you believed in. So here I dance and sing for a world that knows not me to a play of love and tragedy. In hopes my words now acted out will show the world just what my heart is shouting out. Hoping one day my play’s review reaches you and you’ll come watch me profess my love for you. To be enchanted anew so the true stars of my play will shine forever more, it’s true stars which are me and you. Though once crossed we now collide to form a bond held forever strong. To star in the roles we were born to play, for the world to see a truly heartfelt play that tells the tale of you and I and a love so real it out last time.


Weighted Wings

I have grown wings bigger than what one can see with their eyes

With feathers that number more than the stars in night skies

With great ease I have learned to flap my wings

For through tragedy they were meant to carry me

Alas my night skies are no more

For I am grounded in a world with out air to grant me flight

So in my mind I will imagine what it means to sore through open skies

I will run for miles through barren lands and flap my wings like great big fans

Close my eyes and dream the dream to live a life among the stars

Until the day my sweet air returns granting me the lift to fly


Infinity is too small 

H: Husband     W: Wife

H:*Stares into the eyes of his love. A smile slowly creeping up the corner of his lips as the thoughts of just how perfect she was filled his mind.*

W: *blushes* Whaaaaaaat?!?!

H: Just trying to figure out how to describe how much I love you.

W: *blushes again* How about this much? * Streches her arms to either side of her using the distance between her hands to represent how much he may love her.*

H: *Smiles warmly* Well while that is a lot dear it’s not nearly enough to represent how much I love you.

W: What about to infinity? * Smiles brightly back.*

H: Inifinity is still too small to describe how much I love you.

W: Well how can infinity be too small it’s infinite?

H: Well I already love you beyond the end of time and time is infinite.

H: So if my love for you is already infinite and I grow to love you more each day doesn’t that mean infinity is too small to describe my love for you?

H: So again I say infinity is too small describe how much I love you.

W: So if infinity is too small how will I know how much you love me?

H: Well there’s a problem dear words can’t describe how much I love you.

W: Than how will I know? *crosses arms and pouts* Hmph!!

H: Just look into my eyes and you’ll see an eternity that goes beyond the skies.  Kiss me deeply and taste the never ending reservoir that’s is my love. Step closer and be engulfed in my ever warming embrace. Speak to me and watch me dance to the most beautiful song this world has ever known. Smile and watch the fireworks of my heart light the night sky. Lean your head against my chest and hear the beat of a thousand worlds all praising your name. Watch every second pass by so slowly it’s almost as if time has stopped just for the two of us to gaze upon the other. Watch time lose all meaning and numbers all value as I hold you in my arms tonight.

W: *Tear falls down her cheeks accompanied by a huge smile* Jerk!!!! *Slugs his shoulder*

H: *Smiles, pulls her close. Hugs her and whispers in her ear.* So see love words can’t express my love for you, but I will spend all of eternity, beyond forever and in more than infinite ways to show each day how much I love you.

W: *Hugs him tightly and giggles.* I guess infinity is too small.

Road To Redemption

Another request I made to Holly A Reid. This is image 2 of 4 that came to me very vividly one day. Once again I’m blown out of the water by her impeccable ability to recreate other peoples mental image on paper. It came out wonderfully.

Her Facebook once again is posted below

Outstreched Hand

I extend my hand not to make a demand

I extend my hand to compromise a plan

I extend my hand not because I believe you can’t stand

I extend my hand because I care that you’ve fallen

I extend my hand not to keep you down

I extend my hand to pass the love around

I extend my hand not to say I win

I extend my hand to say let’s play again

I extend my hand not to say your a child

I extend my hand because I hope you will stay a while

You may not know or understand why I extend my hand

But I can say if you do take my hand you’ll find my reasons quite grand

Grains of Sand

While wandering the sand sea little did I know I was going to discover a lost archive that would put any library to shame. The stories our pictures told as I unearthed them from the desert. This library of life & love began to bury me under oceans of sand. I began to struggle for air as I realize there was no swimming through this forbidden sea. The waves of emotion brought on threatened to take me under, was I to drown in this sea of regret brought on by this clear testimony of our, now questioned, love? Will I be buried along with the many treasures these forbidden sands had taken from us long ago? To be just another lost and forgotten story without ever having the chance to share the wonders discovered beneath this once thought barren desert? No I will unearth this kingdom we thought lost and build an empire for us live in. This will be our private oasis and I wish to share its wonders with you even if we are the only ones who get to enjoy its plunders. We will create memories for every grain of sand this desert has so that never again can these forbidden sands take from us. For now the desert and all its secrets will tell the story of a love once lost but now forever found.