All alone I sit there
I’m waiting here for you
I know you’re out there
I’m sitting here

I’m calling you
Just like you are calling me
We will meet someday
Someday soon I hope

When that fateful day comes
O how my heart will sing
Until that day comes though
I will sit here waiting all alone

Please don’t make me wait too long
Sitting here all alone
The time seems to slip by slower and slower
While I sit here waiting all alone


2 Faces of A Smile

A smile is such simple thing
Yet it contains so much complexity
You might use it everyday
But are you using it the right way
Or are you just going through the motion
Is there meaning behind that smile
Filled with O so many teeth
Or do you smile to frown

Do you use it to hold back true feelings
Fooling yourself into thinking


Everything is OK…………


Well don’t worry some day you’ll find the meaning
Of what a true smile is
Someday you’ll know the feeling to really smile


The right way