Grains of Sand

While wandering the sand sea little did I know I was going to discover a lost archive that would put any library to shame. The stories our pictures told as I unearthed them from the desert. This library of life & love began to bury me under oceans of sand. I began to struggle for air as I realize there was no swimming through this forbidden sea. The waves of emotion brought on threatened to take me under, was I to drown in this sea of regret brought on by this clear testimony of our, now questioned, love? Will I be buried along with the many treasures these forbidden sands had taken from us long ago? To be just another lost and forgotten story without ever having the chance to share the wonders discovered beneath this once thought barren desert? No I will unearth this kingdom we thought lost and build an empire for us live in. This will be our private oasis and I wish to share its wonders with you even if we are the only ones who get to enjoy its plunders. We will create memories for every grain of sand this desert has so that never again can these forbidden sands take from us. For now the desert and all its secrets will tell the story of a love once lost but now forever found.



If growing up means I have to give up on my dreams because their just beyond my reach

A child I shall stay for in my heart I know I will always find another way

If growing up means I have to give up on those I love because it hurts less

A child I shall stay because everyone deserves to have that friend who will always stay

If growing up means when life gets hard I will run away

A child I shall stay for I know tomorrow is another day

If growing up means my feelings must remained boxed and sealed away

A child I shall stay for I am a drink to be poured not a bottle to be corked and forgotten

If growing up means I must blend into the crowd

A child I shall stay for I was meant to live out loud

If growing up means my promises become just words

A child I shall stay for a pinky promise made is most precious & true

If growing up means my worries become my life

A child I shall stay for I will always make time to play

If growing up means I must learn to lie to myself each day

A child I shall stay for I refuse to shield myself away from pain

There is already enough “grown ups” in this world today

But god knows we need more GR♥WN UPS who know how to laugh and play

If growing up means I have to abandon who I am and what I believe in

A child I shall stay to dance and play among the stars


Function Differently

Yes I function differently than you it’s true

But it doesn’t mean I don’t care for you

It doesn’t mean we can’t work as a pair

Yes I function differently than you

But that doesn’t make my love any less true

If we learn to to understand each other

To see the love we have for another

Viewed through the eyes of our other

Perhaps we could go on an adventure at home

And feel at home while out on an adventure

Yes I function differently than you

But if you could see the world through my view

You’d find just as many colors of wonder

As you see through your perception of the world

Just from angles you didn’t see were there

So yes I function differently than you

But that doesn’t make us that different

I think I feel I hurt I cry I live I love I laugh I die

I fear  I hope and bleed like you

So yes I function differently than you

But if you look closer I’m just like you

Blue Seas Blue Skies

Who knew true blue
Is not the color of the sea
But the color of me
While I wait here for you
Not knowing if I’m even
A memory in your mind
Do I exist in your heart
You exist in mine
If I do I hope it’s pleasant
My heart cries
My soul longs
My memory smiles for you
What does it mean
These polar opposites
Existing within
Like a battle with an evil twin
Which is me which is true
Perhaps two halves make a whole
Perhaps I smile because I know
You mean the world to me
Perhaps I cry because I know
I may never see that world again
I may never feel the warmth of its touch
I may never hear the melodic whispers of its breeze
Will my blue seas
Ever lead to blue skies

Bleeding Soul

As you wander in the dark

You run from your heart

You feel that I wait until it is too late

To show you I care

But dear I’ve always been there

Let me be clear it brings me to tears

And plays with my fears

To see how far this has gone

The things you believe I have done

Charging my soul with Deceit & Revile

Love you know I’m nothing so vile

What could I gain from causing you pain

You are the blood that runs through my veins

Why would I bleed myself dry ending our life

With you spilled in the drain

And me Dead in the rain


All alone I sit there
I’m waiting here for you
I know you’re out there
I’m sitting here

I’m calling you
Just like you are calling me
We will meet someday
Someday soon I hope

When that fateful day comes
O how my heart will sing
Until that day comes though
I will sit here waiting all alone

Please don’t make me wait too long
Sitting here all alone
The time seems to slip by slower and slower
While I sit here waiting all alone

2 Faces of A Smile

A smile is such simple thing
Yet it contains so much complexity
You might use it everyday
But are you using it the right way
Or are you just going through the motion
Is there meaning behind that smile
Filled with O so many teeth
Or do you smile to frown

Do you use it to hold back true feelings
Fooling yourself into thinking


Everything is OK…………


Well don’t worry some day you’ll find the meaning
Of what a true smile is
Someday you’ll know the feeling to really smile


The right way