One Tear

F: = Father.       D: = Daughter
D: *Staring at front door*

D: Father why did mother run away.

F: She has not run my dear she is just a little lost.

D: Well if she is lost how will she find her way home?

F: Well dear that is why we have fire in our hearts. So the plumps of smoke and warmth of our fire can guide her home.

D: If the fire is her guide how did she get lost.

F: Well sometimes a flame burns so hot its fire feels cold.

F: Though it’s still warm our fears and doubts lead us to believe this flame has no more warmth for us.

F: That the flame has gone out.

F: We began to feel cold mistaking the white hot heat that is present for a deep cold that can be felt within the depths of the soul.

F: That cold grips us and leads us to look at things through two lens.

F: First through the lens of longing where everything we ever desired needs to happen now no matter the cost.

F: Second through the lens of escape or freedom, where we view everything currently preventing this as a shackle.

D: Does that mean I’m in the way?

F: No dear do not fear.

F: Deep down she hurts because she doesn’t want to let go.

F: She lashes out more and more because her current desire clashes with what her inner heart desires.

D: If it hurts so much why does she do it.

F: Sometimes we have to hurt to understand what we really want.

D: I hurt a lot so I must really want mommy.

F: *smiles* Yes dear *Grasps his daughter’s hand firmly * I do too.

D: *smiles* Will she come home soon?

F: That depends dear on how far she has to run and how long she has to hurt to figure out she can have all she desires once she opens her heart.

D: Well I hope it’s soon because I miss her. *hugs her Father*

F: *smiles* *picks up daughter kisses her forehead and gives her a big hug* Me too dear, me too. *single tear falls down his cheek*


Cold Winter Days

Even the sun can get the blues

Forgetting to shine from time to time

So remember the warmth its rays would give when winter blows over

Bringing cold and maybe even the feeling of being alone

For without a doubt the sun will rise up once more and remind you why

It was worth the wait

Words Unheard

You inspire me in every way

Yet you never even knew it

No matter how hard I tried to show it

My words were a blunder

My actions a bumble, a fumble

I’d shout from the roof tops

But you’d run from eyes that drew near

I’d whisper but be hushed to a mumble

By your lips that drew near

I only hope my embrace and beating heart rate

Pass onto you how much of a grace you truly are

Muse Of My Soul

I want you to know Muse of my soul

Your heart beat conducts me

Your beat it sets me free

With you there is no limits

We’ll achieve it all

Be it big or small

This world is our tapestry

So let’s weave a masterpiece

A tale of two souls

Bound by many threads

As we figure it out

I’ll keep dancing in my heart

To the beat of your beautiful soul

Even when your away and can’t see me

Know I’m always dancing to our beautifully tragic melody

with enough tears to fill the sea

but enough smiles to light up the galaxy

Pages Turn

I know our book smells the same so your worried you already know it, but you know the wonders of a book go beyond its smell, beyond its feel, beyond the number of its pages; each time you read it you understand more and gain a new appreciation for it. It’s up to you whether we turn the page of our book to get to the next chapter or drop the book before it’s finished because the summary of another caught your eye. I know you can’t see the ending of our book right now and reading a sad story breaks your heart, but I can promise you if you turn the page you’ll see the wonderful world you always believed was there. That you didn’t read this far in to be disappointed. I’ve read our book before a long time ago in my dream when I choose you to be the muse of my soul over another. Yes there are different stories we can read and write, each invoking hidden, lost or forgotten feelings, but I know you know the feeling of finishing a great book you believed in no matter how people criticized it and made you feel. To find you weren’t wrong or disappointed, so I ask you with all that I am, with all that we’ve shared and have yet to experience to turn this next page with me & you’ll see you really are reading a beautiful book, and not a tragedy. Even the main characters always have room to grow in a good book so will you grow with me as our pages turn.
(A vow to my heart a drift at sea may the waves carry my message to you and guide you home)